Buyer’s Guide

10 Important aspects of Copiers that you should be aware of before buying a new Copier or Wide Format.

This video is a great birds eye view of the copier world and can direct you to other videos that go more in-depth on a particular subject.

Part 1 of the Buyer’s Guide

Covers basic copier features such as

1. B&W and Color Printers

2. Print Volume and Pages-Per-Minute

3. Finishers and extra features

Start here if you are new to buying or need a refresher.

Part 2 of the Buyer’s Guide

Covers all the different ways to buy a copier or related machine. Such as…

1. Outright Purchase

2. Fair Market Value Lease

3. Dollar Buy-Out Lease

Learn about which one is best for you.

Part 3 of the Buyer’s Guide

Covers Service Agreements for copiers, printers, wide formats. So you’ll learn about…

1. The benefits of a Service Agreement

2. Bundled and Unbundled Service Agreements

3. Automatic Price Increases

Discover all the features of a Service Agreement.

Part 4 of the Buyer’s Guide

An intro to optional features for your copier such as smart scanning and cloud storage. Today’s copiers are capable of simplifying your workflows and saving you time.

See how integrated your copier can become.

Part 5 of the Buyer’s Guide

An intro to Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE). ICE is an app used to connect your copier to the cloud.

Learn more about ICE features.

Part 6 of the Buyer’s Guide

An intro to uniFLOW. uniFLOW is an “All-In-One” app that can be used to completely enhance your copier.

Learn more about uniFLOW features.

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