Comparing the TX-3000, TM-305, and TA-30

by | Jul 23, 2020

The TX-3000, TM-305, and the TA-30 are Canon Wide Format Printers and MFD’s. These three machines are large format printers and multi-function devices that are similar in many ways, but differ in terms of volume each machine can handle.


  1. Color Printers/MFD’s
  2. Print on same media types
  3. Media up to 36″ Wide
  1. Wifi Comes Standard
  2. Output Basket


  1. TA-30 handles the least amount of volume, TX-3000 handles the most.
  2. TA-30 is printer only, TM-305 and TX-3000 can come in multi-function devices as well.
  3. Only TX-3000 can fit 2 rolls at one time.

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