Opte: The Beauty Printer

by | Mar 18, 2020

Opte is a beauty device used for age spot removal and facial toning. Thomas Rabe is the inventor of this precision skin care thermal printer. The device digitally scans your skin, analyzes your complexion, and covers blemishes and fades their appearance over time. This product is guaranteed to work on 99% of skin tones. This device only covers blemishes on the skin, and will print concealing pigment on the distorted areas. It is a handheld scanner and cartridge system that you drag across your face. The cartridge that comes with the Opte can last about 60 applications, like a regular inkjet printer. It only takes 3-5 minutes to apply to your skin and you can always remove the pigment with makeup remover.

How it Works

The scanner on the Opte device uses a blue LED light. There is a camera that uses the LED light to detect age spots, even subtle ones.

Opte has a patented precision skin care algorithm that detects the slightest blemishes on one’s skin. This algorithm analyzes spots in real time.

There is an optimizing serum that is released from Opte to cover blemishes that were detected. The serum is applied to every spot found and covers it instantly. The serum allows the appearance of the blemish to fade over time.

Serum Solution 

There are no creams, no lazers, and no makeup within this product. The serum was specially made for Opte. The serum combines mineral pigments and skin care active products. The mineral pigments provide immediate coverage and create an even natural look. There are spot lightening skin care ingredients within the serum to reduce the appearance of age spots over time. The serum contains moisturizing ingredients, so it does not dry out your skin after application.

Opte’s starting price is $599, this includes the wand, wand tip, cradle, power cord, optimizing serum, and 1 conditioning desk. So far, the product has not been launched to the public, but the lucky people who have gotten to use it wrote in great reviews.