Prinker: The Temporary Tattoo Printer

by | Mar 2, 2020

Prinker Korea Inc. was established in 2015 and is located in 50 countries. It is a manufacturer of Prinker temporary tattoo solution. Prinker is an instant custom temporary tattoo device that is skin safe, easy to apply, and personalized. The temporary tattoo will last up to 2 days, but if you want it for a shorter amount of time it is soap washable. To apply, you need to spray yourself with the primer lotion given in the Prinker package. The primer lotion prevents the ink from being absorbed by your skin, so that the ink will sit on top of your skin. To operate any of the Prinker devices, you need a smart device and you need to download the Prinker app. Then, when the machine is ready, the screen tells you which way to swipe the device onto your skin to apply the temporary tattoo. The ink has been tried and tested, and is safe. This process only takes a few seconds and is easily removable if it doesn’t please you. You can use your own designs, logos, and images on the Prinker devices. You can also make your designs private or public on Prinker’s app, so other people can see your creative work!

Prinker S

One of the most popular devices sold by Prinker is the Prinker S. This device comes with 1 Prinker device, 1 battery, 1 black left ink cartridge, skin primer, and a one year warranty. Prinker S is a newer version of the Prinker devices, and is cheaper, slimmer, and lighter than other models. Prinker S is compatible with iOS devices and Android devices, unlike the Prinker Pro. This device has a new docking station that makes charging faster and helps the battery life. Prinker S also has new technology that enhances the printing resolution of images, so images are more detailed on your skin. The black ink cartridge that Prinker S comes with only allows you to print grayscale or black tattoos, not colored ones. You can purchase a Consumable Set Color Ink Pack for your Prinker S, but the device only comes with black ink. The cartridge that Prinker S comes with produces 1000 tattoos.

Prinker Pro 

Another popular device is the Prinker Pro. This device includes 1 Prinker device, 1 set of ink cartridges, skin primer, 2 batteries, a charger, and a one year warranty. Prinker Pro only supports Android, so be cautious when purchasing this. The Prinker Pro is an older model compared to the Prinker S. This device does not have an upgraded technology system, so the image quality may not be as good as the Prinker S. The Prinker Pro is more expensive, heavier, and bulkier than the Prinker S. This Prinker device comes with a set of colored ink, so you do not have to buy a separate pack like you would with the Prinker S. The colored ink cartridge that Prinker Pro comes with will print up to 1000 tattoos. The Prinker Pro comes in 2 colors, you can get it in red or blue.