Buying a copier can be a hassle. With all the information that you need to look up as the price, volume, brand, etc., it can be difficult to narrow down your decision to just one copier. To make your search easier, we’ve made of list of 10 things that you should place focus on before purchasing a copier.

How to Buy a Copier

The main thing to remember before buying a copier is that you can buy the machine with cash all at once, or you can lease the copier. You can lease the copier by either paying the fair-market value or by using a dollar buy-out lease.



Another thing to remember is the PPM, which is the number of pages you can print in a minute. The higher the PPM, the higher the price of the copier will be. If you’re going to have numerous people using the copier, it’s better to go with the one with the higher ppm.


Optional Equipment

Optional equipment, also known as finishers should also be a deciding factor when thinking about buying a copier. Features such as automatic stapling, hole punching, and booklet making can all be included in the finisher. 

B&W or Color

Deciding between B&W and/or Color is also an important point to consider. Of course, color machines and their toner are more expensive, but if you print more color prints, then this may be the better choice. 


When buying a copier, size and speed are important, as well. Copiers can come in all shapes and sizes. There are Multi-function devices (MFDs), Duplicators, desktop copiers, Wide-Formats, etc. Wide-Formats are used for larger prints, and the machine sizes we sell are 24, 44, and 60 inches wide. Items such as blueprints and wallpapers can be printed on Wide-Formats.

Optional Technology

In addition, copiers also can come with optional technology. Recent copiers have become so advanced that they can find invoice numbers or customer IDs after scanning, and automatically place them into the customer’s folder.

Ease of Use

There are new copiers coming out regularly for brands, and this includes for Ricoh/Savin and Canon too. Of course, newer models have more features and are easier to use, but older models have their own benefits. The one important point to consider with older models is that if you are updating your computers to newer operating systems, then it may not be compatible with your old copier.

Service Agreements

In addition to ease of use, the topic of service agreements may come up when you are thinking about purchasing a copier. Service agreements can vary depending on the lease, but it can include remote and technical support. Another benefit of having a service agreement is that your copier dealer may deliver ink or toner to your door. 

Image Quality

Different copiers have different image quality. It’s best to do research beforehand on what kind of quality you’re looking for. For example, some copiers that only print B&W, and then there are others that print out high-quality photos.

Buying Online vs. Buying from a Dealer

One last point to consider is whether you will be purchasing a copier online or from a dealer. The main difference between these two things is that buying a copier online requires you to do all the setup yourself while buying from a dealer allows you to have someone come and do all the setup for you. Also, if you have a service agreement in place, then technicians will come and help you whenever necessary. 

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