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Ricoh ICE is a fairly new application that allows users to connect to various different cloud services, while also having the ability to print from these services. Features such as OCR (Optical Cloud Recognition), mobile printing, and scan to email are just a few of the benefits that comes with ICE. Ricoh’s ICE also caters to a variety of industries, and this can be seen through their five ICE packages which are: Printer, Office, Advanced Office, Legal, and Education. There is also an advanced version of ICE that will create folders for you after you have scanned in your documents. 

What’s the best way to describe ICE in one sentence?

ICE is an app that allows you to connect your copier to connect to a variety of cloud services.

What are some features of ICE?

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
    • Allows your copier to scan in documents, and then convert the documents into searchable PDFs, Excel, or Word documents that you can edit.
  • Mobile Printing
    • You have the ability to print within or outside your network using a smartphone or tablet. When you send your email to your ICE server, you will receive a release code that will allow you to type it any Ricoh device, and then it will print out your documents outside of your network.
  • Scan to Email

What are the 5 ICE packages?

  • Printer
  • Office
  • Advanced Office
  • Legal
  • Education


What’s the best feature of ICE?

ICE has the ability to scan to various cloud services and allows users to print from these services which is a unique feature that many applications don’t have. There is also a more advanced version of ICE that allows you to scan in a document to your cloud service, and it will automatically create folders for you. All you have to do is tell ICE what folders you want, and ICE will handle the rest.