In this post, we’ll be covering what finishers are. Finishers are optional pieces of machinery that can be set up with your printer to allow it to have additional features. Hole punching, half-folding, stapling, etc. are all functions that the finisher can perform. Every brand of copier comes with a finisher. Brands such as Ricoh, Savin, Canon, Brother, etc. all have finishers that can be purchased in addition to their printers.  

Types of finishers:



These types of finishers are able to staple, hole punch, and in some cases create tri-fold booklets. People like internal finishers because of their size, but it is important to note that they are not equip to handle a great volume of printing. 


These types of finishers are able to staple, hole punch, and collate. Usually, external finishers will come in either 1000 or 3000 sheet. While regular finishers are able to staple 50 sheets of 20lb paper, larger finishers are able to staple 75-100 sheets of 20lb paper. The thicker the paper, the lower the amount of sheets you can staple at once. 


Booklet finishers have exactly the same features as external finishers, however these types of finishers are able to half-fold and create saddle-stitched booklets. When making saddle-stitched booklets, it’s important to remember that the maximum number of sheets that can fit into one of these booklets is 15-20 sheets of 20lb paper. 


You must have a bridge on your machine if you have an external finisher. Bridges assist with carrying your paper from your copier to your external finisher. 

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