There is no difference between Ricoh, Savin, and Lanier (formerly Gestetner). All these different brands are under the umbrella of Ricoh. There are no differences in the products they sell or their features. Initially, these 3 brands were created to cater towards different markets. Ricoh was set to be more directed to small to medium sized businesses, Lanier was for large corporations, and Savin was for the smaller companies. However, along the years these specifications faded away, and now there are just 3 different names for exactly the same product.

Over the years, Ricoh acquired the two other names. Savin and Lanier already had a strong presence, so they felt it best to market Savin and Lanier under Ricoh. They did this through giving all their toners the same name, creating the same model numbers, etc.

So if you see a Ricoh, Savin, or Lanier sticker on your copier, just remember they all function the same way. Even if your device needs new parts or supplies, these parts are interchangable throughout these 3 brands. The similarities even extend to third-party technology compatability where hardware or software from other companies can be installed in either Ricoh, Savin, or Lanier.

Next time you are confused about which brand to buy, just remember that Ricoh, Savin, and Lanier are all exactly the same with the same features and functions.