In this post, we’ll be covering how to setup scan to folder using a Savin copier and Windows PC. Scan to folder is a feature of all multi-function devices that allows users to scan a paper document, and have it automatically upload to a specific folder on their computer.

Scan to folder can be as simple as uploading a pdf version of your paper document to your computer, or as complex as your copier being able to scan your document, read a specific marker on the document indictating which folder it should be routed too, then converted into a searchable pdf or word file.

But in this post, we’ll just be covering how to setup basic scan to folder.

Watch the video version of this post below


On your computer’s desktop

1) Right Click anywhere

2) Left click “New”, Left click “Folder”

Rename the folder to whatever you would like, in this demo, I’ll be naming the folder “SamScans03”


Right click on the folder you just made

1) Click “Properties”, Click “Sharing”, Click “Advanced Sharing”

From there

1) Click “Share this Folder”, Click “Permissions”

2) Under  the title “Group or user names”, Click “Everyone”, then Click “Remove”


1) Click “add”, and under the title that says “Enter the object names to select”, type in your user name.

2) Now under the title “Permissions for (your username)”, allow full control.

3) Click “Apply”, then “Ok”

 In the “Advanced Sharing” menu

4) Again click “Apply”, then “Ok”.

5) Exit out of your folder’s properties menu


Open a new brower and type in you printer’s IP address in the search bar.

If you don’t know your printers IP address and don’t know how to get it, watch the video below.



Click “Device Management” then “Address Book”

Click “Add User”, then on the next menu

Checkmark “Basic Information” and “Folder Destination”, then 

Click “Go to Next”.

Click “Login” in the UPPER RIGHT CORNER”, then type in your printers login credentials.


Under “Name(Required)”, fill in your folder name.

Under “Key Display”, you can put your folder name or any name, this will be displayed on your printer panel.

Now click “Go to Next”

Under “Path(Required)” type in the network path listed under your sharing tab in your folder’s properties menu.

For login user name and password, type in the login and password for YOUR COMPUTER.

Now click “Go to Next”

Now click “Go to Next”

Click “Ok” under the “Step3. Confirm Registration” menu

That’s it, the user has been added, you can now scan to folder!


You can watch how easy it is to scan to a folder below!