(Watch the video version of this post below)

Click on…

  • System Preferences
  • Sharing
  • Plus symbol
  • New folder
  • Name the folder whatever you prefer
  • Create
  • Add
  • “Read & Write” for your account name.
  • Type in your printer’s IP address into the URL
  • (If you don’t know your printer’s IP address, watch the video below)

Click on…

  • Login
  • Type in your username and password (if you don’t know it, please ask your administrator)
  • Device Management
  • Address Book
  • Add User
  • “Basic Destination” and “Folder Destination”
  • Go to Next
  • Type in your Name and Key Display
  • Go to Next
  • Type in your path
  • Type in your computer’s login and password
  • Go to Next
  • Ok
  • Your folder should be saved on to your computer now.

Things to remember:

  • The only operating system that you can set up scanning to folder is on Mojave.
  • You can save the folder anywhere you prefer.
  • When you’re on the Sharing menu, go to options and make sure “Show files and folders using SMB” is selected and your account name is selected.

  • If you don’t know what your printer’s IP address, click on the gray bar at the top right corner.
  • The Key Display will be what shows up on your printer panel
  • You can type in the computer name or the IP address for your path. To find your computer name go to “System Preferences,” go to “Sharing,” and it should be listed at the top.

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