In this video, we will be showing you how to create Canon printing presets for MacOS. First, you will need to go to the “Print using system dialogue” menu. From here, you can create presets such as B/W, single-sided, with user code, etc. To finish, you will need to select “Save current settings as preset”. 

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  • Open Google Chrome

Click on…

  • File
  • Print
  • Print using system dialogue
  • The printer you want to create presets for.

Steps to Create B/W and Color Single-Sided with a User Code:

  • Under “Layout”, click on “Finishing”

  • 1-sided printing
  • From the same menu that you chose “Finishing,” choose “Quality”
  • Under “Color Mode,” select “Black and White”

  • Click “Special Features”
  • Click “Use Department ID Management”
  • Settings
  • Type in your Department ID

  • Click “Settings”
  • Options
  • Click on “Department ID Management” (or it will be a drop down box, but you have to enable it from the settings first)
  • Ok
  • It should now pop up in your presets menu
  • Now, under “Presets”, select “Save Current Settings as Preset”
  • Name it whatever you prefer
  • To make a Color Single-Sided with a User Code, go under “Special Features”, click “Quality”, and then under “Color Mode” click “Color”
  • Now click “Save Current Settings as Preset”

  • Again, name this whatever you prefer

Things to remember:

  • There are many ways to create printing presets. You can use a desktop app, web browser, etc. However, in this demo, we will be using Google Chrome.
  • After you click on “Print using system dialogue”, you may see a print menu come up, but just click on “Show details”.

  • If you do not see the box for “Use Department ID Management”, go to “System Preferences”, “Printers and Scanners”. Now, double click on the printer you want to enable Dept. IDs for. Go to “Settings,” “Options”, Click where it says “Department ID Management”. Click “Ok”

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