(Watch the video version of this post below)

Open browser and type: localhost:631

Click Printers on the top of the page

After the “Web Interface is Disabled” page comes up, copy the command “cupsctl Webinterface=yes”

Go to the search bar, and type in “terminal”

Paste the command on to the new menu that comes up and press enter

Refresh the page

Now, you have a list of all the printers on your network

Click on the printer you want to adjust

Select “Set Default Options”

If you need to set the default feature of always default to black and white prints, go to Quality, and under color mode select “Black and White”

If you want 2-sided printing, go to Finishing, and it should be under Print Style

Change as many options as you want

Click Select Default Options

Type in your username and password that you use to log on to your computer