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Canon Printer Presets

Changing your settings on your Canon printer every time you need to print can be a hassle, but having printing presets saved means you have those settings already pre-made. Without these presets, you’ll have to waste time and energy looking through which setting you want each time you want to print.

Printing presets is especially important when using Department ID’s or User Authentication. A preset will save your ID, pin, username, password so that you don’t have to retype them every time you want to print.

Department ID’s Vs. User Authentication

Department ID’s and User Authentication have very similar process, except for a few minor differences. For department ID, after setting the presets that you prefer, you need to check the box for “Use Department ID Management.” After this step, you will also need to type in a department ID and pin. This has to be configured on your printer at first or else it won’t print.

User Authentication is not much different. After you decide which printer you would like to adjust, select “Prioritize User Authentication” and not “Department ID Management”.

Note: You cannot select both “Department ID Management” AND “Prioritize User Authentication”.

Then you get ready to print, on that menu, it should say “User Authentication” under “User Management.” Afterwards, you will be asked to set a username and password similar to department ID where you had to set up a department ID and pin.

Are your presets not saving for your Canon Printer?

You may run into the problem of your presets not saving, and this is because your “reset presets” button is turned on.

How to fix it:

Open Google Chrome

Click File

Click Print

Click Print Using System Dialogue

Click on the printer you’re adjusting

Under Presets, click “Show Presets”

Make sure that “Reset Presets Menu to “Default Settings” After Printing” is turned off. (The box is unchecked)

Click “Ok”