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SC 501-504 Error

Need to Know Before Continuing

This article covers SC 501-01, SC 502-01, SC 503-01, SC 504-01 Errors

The last digit of the number 501, 502, 503, 504 refers to the problem tray. (503 refers to tray 3, for example).

What causes the Error?

  1. Paper is behind the tray, prevent the tray from being used during printing.
  2. The tray is too heavy for the printer. Older machines can have trouble lifting trays, even if the amount of paper in the tray is at or below the max capacity line

How to Fix the Error?

  1. Remove the problem tray and find the sheet of paper that is either stuck to the tray or stuck inside the printer.
  2. Short-Term Solution: put less paper in the tray than you normally do. Find the new “max capacity line” in your tray. Long Term Solution: Buy a new motor for your printer so that it can lift the tray like normal again.

How to Reset the Code after Fix?

Turn off the printer using the external power switch, then turn it back on.


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