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How to Correct the Issue of Lines on a Copy

I.E. Black/White/Gray Lines on Your Copies

Step by Step Guide:

“Lines on a Copy” is a common copier issue that describes when you find solid black, gray, or white lines on copy, where the original does not have such lines.

“Lines on a Copy” is caused by debris on the scanner glass.

Debris can range from dust, wite-out, or ink.

  1. If the scanner glass appears clean, use the bad copy to help you find where the scanner glass is dirty.

*Note that the copy may or may not align perfectly with where the debris is located on the glass.* 

2. Clean the glass using the microfiber cloth located on the side of your copier. If the debris is hard to remove, it is safe to use glass cleaner with the microfiber or cotton cloth.

*Use of paper towels is not recommended since it is more abrasive and may scratch the glass.*

Once the Scanner Glass is clean, restart the copying process.

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