Wide format printers are great assets for those companies that are tired of sending their oversized documents (larger than 11×17”)  out to another facility for printing. These are typically companies involved in construction or some form of art.

In fact, adding in wide format printers is often more for convenience. The less time a company is able to spend on just having their large documents printed, the more time they can spend on being productive in the office. So when it comes time to select a wide format printer for your business, we suggest answering these 4 questions first:

  1. Do you need to be able to print colors?
    • For example, an architect needs plumbing and electrical lines color coded. However, A welder would be just fine with a black and white machine.
  2. What paper size is the best for you?
    • The most common size is 36 x 24”, but our printers can print up to 60 inches wide.
  3. What type of paper do you need?
    • Most customers are satisfied with regular bond, but some might need art paper which is used for things like posters.
  4. What is your estimated number of pages you copy a month?
    • This helps us understand the size of the machine you will need.  Each printer has a volume bandwidth to show its optimum productivity. This ultimately helps determine the best printer for you.


*If you have any questions, write us a comment down below, or please call us at 706-546-1220.