Every once in a while, a company which might be sending documents to a fast copy center begins to count copies, or I should say, count dollars. Accounting begins to ask, “Can’t we save by copying here?”

Sometimes, they try copying their flyers, notices, etc. on their desktop copier and realize they had false savings, particularly with all the staff time included. The fast copy service was beginning to look a lot better if it weren’t for the turnaround time, the time spent delivering and picking up their jobs, and the fact that they sometimes just did not plan as far in advance as needed for outside copying. Emergencies do happen.

Sometimes when they purchase that copier, the first invoice almost gives a heart attack to the accountant who had been complaining about paying the fast copier service. They soon realize that color copies do indeed cost a good deal more than black and white.

How does a company have the convenience of a multi-function copier, save money and time from sending out printing and yet continue to be thrifty? There are several ways.

The first is to make certain that the multi-function copier that you select can do the jobs you want it to do. Are you wanting to make fancy brochures, full-color posters? If so, you probably need to invest in one of the upper-end devices available. It would also be wise to invest in a professional graphic designer as well. The finished look can be as good as the design.

What if you want to do a flyer here and there, a booklet when needed, even a flyer? There are lots of options available. Check to make certain that the copier can handle the various paper stock that you want to use. We have a paper chart on our website to guide selection of paper and settings (http://askdsi.com/files/DSI-Paper-Chart.pdf.

Once you land that copier in-house, you will want to take steps to ensure that you are using it as economically as possible if the cost factor is a concern. Not only should your default should be set at black and white on your device, but don’t forget about the myriad of computers, laptop devices, smart devices that print to the copier. Each of these has default settings and should be set accordingly. We suggest downloading the app for your copier onto your various mobile devices. The manufacturer apps enable more of the devices’ features and functionality than the common air print, etc.

One more thing. Even if you are not charging individuals for copies, codes for each person in the office helps to track usage of the copier. The codes help answer a question of a high bill. Many times it is too late after the bill to figure out exactly where the copies came from.

Yes, a copier can indeed save money and time for an organization. Manufacturers have created many built-in features to control on going costs. These features along with the often-overlooked print driver defaults can help prevent the unexpected high invoice.