Smart Phone Technology Now on Copiers

January 9 marks a momentous occasion in all of our lives. That was the day ten years ago that Steve Jobs introduced the IPhone.  To the ooh’s and aah’s of his audience, Jobs announced that he was reinventing the phone and demonstrated the ease of clicking and moving.

Much has changed since that date. Today, we take for granted our smart phones and tablets. The touch technology has moved to many computers, televisions, cars, washing machines…You name it.

In the copier world, you now see a transition to supplement or replace the number pad with new smart screen technology. Our new batch of smart screen copiers was delivered recently. They take the copier world to a whole new level. What was formerly often feared with complexity is now embraced with the same warmth of a person who relies on his or her smart phone or tablet.

As with the IPhone,  the smart screens of the copiers can be tailored to individual needs. With the touch of a finger buttons can be rearranged in order of use for convenience sake. New widgets can be added so the user can immediately see the levels of ink supplies or the date and time. Even language can be changed with the touch of the screen. Touch gestures such as flicking, pinching in and out, and manipulating widgets are now as common to your copier as to your smart phone or smart pad.

For those frustrating times when one is in the middle of a big job, and the machine stops for no apparent reason, the answer can be as easy as watching YouTube. Because the smart screens are connected to the web just as your other smart devices, a help video can be searched and viewed to solve your dilemma. Because of the direct printing capacity, web pages can be printed directly. All at the touch of the screen.

The new smart screens take friendliness and familiarity to new levels of functionality. With the smart screen you can logically follow the prompts to print in whatever format you wish and preview before you hit the print function.  You can also preview a scanned document before hitting the send button and easily touch the correct folders where it is to be sent. Faxes offer similar procedures.

As with other smart devices there are also some fun features. Changing the background is as easy as selecting one of the options provided or inserting your own image via an SD card. You can even watch the currents wave on the smart screen when you select the river background. That one is fun!  All with the touch of a button!

If you are one of those who gets more frustration than pleasure out of your copier, perhaps it is time to invest in one with a new smart screen. That might be the perfect end-of-year, holiday celebration or start the new year addition that will bring much happiness to you and your staff for the upcoming year.