New Wide Format Printer Eliminates Drive Time


“You can’t be in the store selling, if you have to drive a design to Atlanta,” says Social Circle, GA. Ace Home Center Co-Owner Ted Callaway.

When Social Circle’s Ace Home Center was started in 1957, pulling together supplies for a new building or home was as simple as following the list provided by the architect on the design plans.

Today,  the responsibility for detailing the list of materials falls squarely on the company providing the supplies. No easy task when the project involves input from multiple departments and companies—some a couple of hours away.

The process, says co-owner Ted Callaway, was time consuming and frustrating from several viewpoints. “Just within the company, one department cannot pull together its list and estimate until another section made its quote. Flooring quotes needed to be sent to our vendor in Atlanta. We would either have to over night the design or a salesman would need to drive it to Atlanta. Not only was that frustrating, but unproductive in terms of sales. You can’t be in the store selling and in the car driving a plat to Atlanta,” says Callaway.

Recently the process changed dramatically when Duplicating Systems sold the company a new large format scanner. Not only did the scanner provide large format copies, but Duplicating Systems was able to format the copier to scan the documents and send automatically  to everyone who needed the plan in order to contribute to the quote. No more loss time driving or mailing a hard copy to Atlanta.

“Not only did the new copier remove a lot of frustration from the quote process,” says Callaway. “but DSI was easy to work with. Bill Carroll worked very closely with the sales staff and helped work through all the technical issues.”

Duplicating Systems Owner Ken Scoville says the experience of Callaway’s company occurs frequently with their clients. “People might initially approach us to purchase a replacement for a scanner or copier that they have been using for years.  When we begin to ask them questions, we often find there is a time management or work flow issue that we can help solve. In this case, the solution was as easy as tweaking the copier’s program so that the scan is delivered simultaneously to the inbox of identified persons. We love hearing how we help to increase a company’s productivity and or revenue.”