IT Manager Lee Pintar

IT Manager Lee Pintar

Making Life A Lot Easier for Realtors

No more documents printed on the wrong paper.

No more rushing back to the office and realizing you had someone else’s document.

And no more running out of toner.

Thanks to Duplicating Systems, Inc. and PaperCut Software, life is a lot easier for Coldwell Banker Upchurch Realty in Athens. Even with the push to electronic documents, some 70% of contracts have paper involved at some point. With over 100 users of the agency’s copiers, access and fast turnaround are essential.

Seven years ago DSI Owner Ken Scoville and then IT Manager Daniel Bennett, now a commercial real estate advisor, designed and implemented the Savin & PaperCut installation. Today, Lee Pintar has taken over the responsibility of maintaining and improving the agents’ workflow.

“Until five years ago our company was using two copier companies,” says Bennett.
Because of Duplicating Systems’ customer service, we decided to use it exclusively.”“Today, with Duplicating Systems’ guidance, our copiers and printers are tied together with a network of PaperCut software,” says Pintar. “If one copier is in use, we can go to another copier, put in our code, and print our document. We don’t have to worry about somebody leaving the wrong paper in the tray or having our document mixed in with someone else’s or even rushing back to the office with the wrong document. We can also save the document in the system until we are ready to print it.”

Pintar also says the app helps both individual users and the company monitor expenses. At any given time, each agent can login and see a history of activity, and the company can monitor the number of copies for each agent. Seven years ago this information was calculated by hand in a very tedious manner. Today, the software provides the information instantaneously.