There’s probably not a country on the planet that does not have a canning machine built by this 120-year-old company in Athens, Ga. Dixie’s equipment is used by an array of organizations ranging from large international companies to small communities of Mennonites, missionaries and third world countries.

“Previously, when a customer called with a question or needed a part, staff would leave their desk, walk across the production facility to the back of the warehouse in order to access files before they could assist the customer. The process was lengthy, interruptive and costly.” says Managing Partner Parrish Stapleton.

After Parrish and his brothers, Chris and Ty, bought out the other family members’ share of the business in December 2012, they vowed to replace the myriad of paper trails with electronic files. The brothers were concerned about the lack of efficiency required each time an employee had to shuffle through vast reams of paper files, some going back to the company’s beginning.

Dixie Canner contacted Duplicating Systems for a solution and quickly found one in a single Savin multi-function printer.

The new Savin printer was customized to meet the company’s needs and not only replaced the multitude of physical paper documents with digital copies, but also replaced the numerous desktop printers in the office.

Employees could now keep highly organized folders based on customers, machines, parts or anything else and also quickly search for what they were looking forusing keywords. Employees no longer had to walk across the plant to access all the files they needed, they could now do it from their workstations using a search bar.

“The Savin multi-function copier was the turning point,” says Stapleton. “Now that employees see how much better it is, they embrace the change, and we are able to be more efficient to meet the growth of the company.”