Houseman Services is a pest control and lawn maintenance company with over 30 years experience and 30 years of paper records to match. The file cabinets were so full that Michael Houseman, Operations Manager, could not even get his hand in a drawer to add another piece of paper. They had recently moved into a new building, and the new file room was already full. There was no space for another file cabinet.

Because the pest control company is regulated by the Department of Agriculture, documentation for pest control must be kept for two years and termite control for five. Houseman estimated they had 70,000 records that had to be kept. Houseman technicians were turning in some 300 sheets of paper a day that had to be filed for regulatory requirements and it took them an average of 1.5 hours to file all those documents.

To address Houseman’s issues of long filing times, two pieces of software where added to their enterprise systems. The first piece of software is called “Treeno” and Treeno allows for the storage and retrieval of information from the cloud. The second piece of software used is called “Autostore” and Autostore was used to recognize each customer’s account number in order to put the documents in the correct place.

“Now we put a stack of paper in the scanner and push a button. Five minutes later they are filed. That’s pretty awesome” reports company manager Sandy Houseman Marcial. Houseman was able to not only able to downsize their massive paper filing system, but also increase the speed of the filing process. The company has used its Treeno software for other applications as well.

“When we added another division, we doubled the number of employees. My human resources drawer was getting tight, so I converted that into Treeno as well. I just scan all those documents into the employee file. You know how you have stacks of paper… random pieces of paper lying around? Well, I don’t have that anymore. Now I’m putting in bank statements, Profit and Loss reports so everything is right there in front of me. I don’t have to think about going and finding it in a file cabinet.” says Manager Sandy Houseman Marcial.

The introduction of the multifunction printer and several pieces of software proved to be a game-changer for Houseman services and greatly improved their current business processes. A single printer and some software allowed Houseman to not only free up physical space in the office, but also free up work time. New technology creates change, and change in the case of Houseman services meant more space and more time.