Action Expediting is a Georgia-based trucking company that was drowning in paperwork. With the help of Duplicating Systems, Inc., the company drastically reduced its paperwork and significantly decreased its postal charges.

The company had 12 large filing cabinets, bulging with documents, but now all of that information can be accessed from the cloud

Duplicating Systems worked with Action Expediting to tailor Treeno, a highly customizable software program, to meet the company’s needs in an heavily regulated industry.

David Hardy, Director of Safety and Loss Prevention, found the new system to be a big step-up. “Setting up the system was very logical with the cloud based system reflecting what was the normal paper filing procedure for the company. The difference was the huge amount of manpower saved from the multiple steps of copying and filing hard documents as well as the convenience of managers across the country being able to file documents online.” Hardy says there is another benefit to the system not often considered by many companies. “What if your company had a fire? Because the documents are stored electronically off site, they will always be available.”
The switch to cloud information storage proved to be a great improvement to Action Expediting business, not only providing security and efficiency, but also 12 filing cabinets they could now use for anything!