The DSI Way

dsi way 2DSI Way 1So what does Duplicating Systems (DSI) have in common with Dogwood Stable?

Both companies are champions.

Dogwood Stable’s Palace Malice won the 2013 Belmont Stakes.

Duplicating Systems is celebrating serving the CSRA for 30 years.

Duplicating System’s work with Dogwood Stable started 20 years ago with the sale of a copier to Treasurer Bill Victor shortly after Victor and Thurmond both arrived in the Aiken area. Although still in Victor’s office, and operational, Victor admits that today it gets little use because of the many advantages of the new Savin copier. For example, the machine’s mail merge capability attaches a prospectus to individual letters sent from another office.

As a breeder of race horses, Dogwood Stable looks for similar qualities in vendors as it does in horses:


  • Speed: Not only speed of copying but speed in responding to requests.
  • Endurance: Just as the stable looks for horses that can go the distance of the classic races such as the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes, they look for endurance in office equipment.
  • Reliability: A horse must be consistently reliable. Remaining with a company for 20 years speaks volumes.

“These qualities are simply the DSI way,” says Thurmond, who is proud of the many companies who have been with DSI for decades—some since the opening of the Augusta office.