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Success Stories

Llorens Leaded Art Glass

Llorens Leaded Art Glass, Inc has been adamant about quality and passionate about stained glass for over 95 years now. Although many of the techniques used in the beginning of business are still a necessary measure, designing has since become much more high tech.

Third generation stained glass artisan, Frank Llorens, Jr. was in the market for something to help his company perform at a more productive rate while remaining to keep the precision and perfection of his expectations.

When creating a stained glass window design, the design is first created in a CAD software. Once ready to actually create the stained glass, the window design is split into full sized paper sections and printed. The resulting pages are then pieced together like a large puzzle; each line composing the picture perfectly. One mismatched line can destroy the entire image.

A wide format printer was just the thing we had in mind to ensure this type of plotting precision. With our large inventory warehouse, we were able to provide this appropriate machine at a reasonable price to Llorens. Duplicating Systems is proud to be a part of this family’s heritage.

Dixie Canner Co

There’s probably not a country on the planet that does not have a canning machine built by this 120-year-old company in Athens, Ga. Dixie’s equipment is used by an array of organizations ranging from large international companies to small communities of Mennonites, missionaries and third world countries.

“Previously, when a customer called with a question or needed a part, staff would leave their desk, walk across the production facility to the back of the warehouse in order to access files before they could assist the customer. The process was lengthy, interruptive and costly.” says Managing Partner Parrish Stapleton.

After Parrish and his brothers, Chris and Ty, bought out the other family members’ share of the business in December 2012, they vowed to replace the myriad of paper trails with electronic files. The brothers were concerned about the lack of efficiency required each time an employee had to shuffle through vast reams of paper files, some going back to the company’s beginning.

Dixie Canner contacted Duplicating Systems for a solution and quickly found one in a single Savin multi-function printer.

The new Savin printer was customized to meet the company’s needs and not only replaced the multitude of physical paper documents with digital copies, but also replaced the numerous desktop printers in the office.

Employees could now keep highly organized folders based on customers, machines, parts or anything else and also quickly search for what they were looking for using keywords. Employees no longer had to walk across the plant to access all the files they needed, they could now do it from their workstations using a search bar.

“The Savin multi-function copier was the turning point,” says Stapleton. “Now that employees see how much better it is, they embrace the change, and we are able to be more efficient to meet the growth of the company.”

Houseman Services

Houseman Services is a pest control and lawn maintenance company with over 30 years experience and 30 years of paper records to match. The file cabinets were so full that Michael Houseman, Operations Manager, could not even get his hand in a drawer to add another piece of paper. They had recently moved into a new building, and the new file room was already full. There was no space for another file cabinet.

Because the pest control company is regulated by the Department of Agriculture, documentation for pest control must be kept for two years and termite control for five. Houseman estimated they had 70,000 records that had to be kept. Houseman technicians were turning in some 300 sheets of paper a day that had to be filed for regulatory requirements and it took them an average of 1.5 hours to file all those documents.

To address Houseman’s issues of long filing times, two pieces of software where added to their enterprise systems. The first piece of software is called “Treeno” and Treeno allows for the storage and retrieval of information from the cloud. The second piece of software used is called “Autostore” and Autostore was used to recognize each customer’s account number in order to put the documents in the correct place.

“Now we put a stack of paper in the scanner and push a button. Five minutes later they are filed. That’s pretty awesome” reports company manager Sandy Houseman Marcial. Houseman was able to not only able to downsize their massive paper filing system, but also increase the speed of the filing process. The company has used its Treeno software for other applications as well.

“When we added another division, we doubled the number of employees. My human resources drawer was getting tight, so I converted that into Treeno as well. I just scan all those documents into the employee file. You know how you have stacks of paper… random pieces of paper lying around? Well, I don’t have that anymore. Now I’m putting in bank statements, Profit and Loss reports so everything is right there in front of me. I don’t have to think about going and finding it in a file cabinet.” says Manager Sandy Houseman Marcial.

The introduction of the multifunction printer and several pieces of software proved to be a game-changer for Houseman services and greatly improved their current business processes. A single printer and some software allowed Houseman to not only free up physical space in the office, but also free up work time. New technology creates change, and change in the case of Houseman services meant more space and more time.

Action Expediting

Action Expediting is a Georgia-based trucking company that was drowning in paperwork. With the help of Duplicating Systems, Inc., the company drastically reduced its paperwork and significantly decreased its postal charges.

The company had 12 large filing cabinets, bulging with documents, but now all of that information can be accessed from the cloud

Duplicating Systems worked with Action Expediting to tailor Treeno, a highly customizable software program, to meet the company’s needs in an heavily regulated industry.

David Hardy, Director of Safety and Loss Prevention, found the new system to be a big step-up. “Setting up the system was very logical with the cloud based system reflecting what was the normal paper filing procedure for the company. The difference was the huge amount of manpower saved from the multiple steps of copying and filing hard documents as well as the convenience of managers across the country being able to file documents online.” Hardy says there is another benefit to the system not often considered by many companies. “What if your company had a fire? Because the documents are stored electronically off site, they will always be available.”
The switch to cloud information storage proved to be a great improvement to Action Expediting business, not only providing security and efficiency, but also 12 filing cabinets they could now use for anything!

Harbor Club Systems

Mobile Printing, also known as wireless printing, allows individuals to print using devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets from wherever they have an internet connection.

Harbor Club Systems Administrator, Stephen Christian, became interested in installing this kind of technology for the office when he had purchased a desktop printer with this same technology.

“I would forward e-mails to my printer from home and when I got to the office the next morning, the printed copies became a very effective to do list. I wanted our realtors and other staff to have the same advantage of printing documents and not have to be confined to where the office printer was located.”

The desktop printer he had originally purchased for the office contained the technology he was looking for, but not the performance and durability of a heavier-duty multi-function printer with the same mobile printing technology. He needed a printer to handle the demand from his team of realtors.

Today, Christian says his team can now act on a contract from home, on-site at the Harbor Club or anywhere with Internet. Mobile printing allows realtors and other staff to work together without having to be in the same building, greatly increasing the efficiency of the sales process.

Second Providence Baptist Church

Second Providence Baptist Church in North Augusta uses their new Savin printer for a myriad of uses, including a weekly bulletin, flyers, reports of meetings, newsletters.

“Whenever you reach out to others, you want them to get a good picture of what you are doing. Quality makes a difference” says Linda Butler, administrative assistant.

To help match the exact paper needed with each job, DSI Augusta provided her with a new “sample paper solutions guide”. While a new multifunction printer may seem intimidating at first, DSI is more than glad to show you that these complex machines aren’t as complex to use.

“With a lot of companies, you have no contact with the head of the company. That’s just not so with Duplicating Systems. I can talk directly to Scott and he’ll send help my way! DSI technicians are awesome, they usually within an hour of my call, but if they can’t make it then, it’s first thing in the morning. They provide friendly and reliable service. They come in, they know exactly what the problem is and they fix it. But before they leave they always check to see if any supplies are needed.”

Linda, who has been at the church for 20 years, has worked with Duplicating Systems for 17 of them. Thank you Linda and we’re glad to help!

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